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Upcoming Events & Webinars


Conference: 2019 Alabama SHRM State Conference & Exposition
Date: May 14-15, 2019
Location: Birmingham, AL

Conference: ATD 2019 International Conference & Exposition
Date: May 19-22, 2019
Location: Washington, D.C.

Conference: APEX Leadership Symposium
Date: May 28-29, 2019
Location: Ottawa, ON

Conference: MHS International Distributor Summit
Date: June 3-6, 2019
Location: Toronto, ON
Link: TBD

Conference: SHRM 2019 National Conference & Expo
Date: June 23-26, 2019
Location: Las Vegas, NV

Conference: California HR Conference
Date: August 25-28, 2018
Location: Long Beach, CA

Conference: NY State SHRM Annual Conference
Date: September 23-25, 2019
Location: Albany, NY


Optimizing Your PsyCap Mindset: Building Psychological Capital and Resilience
Date: Monday, April 15, 2019 at 11am EDT
Association: ATD
Presenter: Rumeet Billan
Details: Resilience is a powerful skill and capability that can be developed. It is the ability to bounce back from obstacles and setbacks to achieve higher levels of performance. It requires developing positive adaptation processes to help overcome the challenges that we face and the use of positive experiences to build confidence in our strengths and abilities. It promotes self-efficacy, confidence and possibility thinking. This webinar focuses on how we can develop strategies to build our psychological capital and resilience in order to improve the experiences that we have to reach our full potential.
Link to Register: coming soon

Webinar: Using Type and Emotional Intelligence to Manager Conflict
Date: Thursday, April 25, 2019 at 1pm EDT
Presenter: Hile Rutledge of OKA
Details: As HR professionals, we are often called on to help others manage conflict or to manage the conflict directly ourselves. Many use the popular Thomas and Kilmann approach to support this type of work—but did you also know that Personality Type and Emotional Intelligence are great conflict tools as well? In this session, we will explore how you can use Personality Type or Emotional Intelligence as stand-alone approaches or in conjunction with the Thomas and Killmann to better manage conflict.
Click here to register.

Webinar: TBA
Date: TBA
Association: Training Industry
Presenter: Sam Turner
Details:coming soon
Link to register: coming soon

Webinar: Unlock Your Team's Emotional Genius
Date: Wednesday, September 18, 2019 at 12pm EST
Association: Training Magazine
Presenter: Susan Clarine
Details: coming soon
Link to register: coming soon

Webinar: TBA
Date: TBA
Presenter: Denny Faurote
Details:coming soon
Link to register: coming soon

Webinar: How Teams Work Together
Date: Thursday, November 14, 2019 at 11am EST
Association: Training Industry
Presenter: Alan Lyons
Details:coming soon
Link to register: coming soon


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