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Security Policy

MHS is committed to the protection of sensitive and confidential data. Consistent with this commitment, our websites - and - utilize advanced security methods. These include the following:

Unauthorized Access

Access to MHS online scoring services located at ("MHS Scoring Organizer") is restricted to qualified users and requires an ID and password. Registration of MHS customers or their designated administrators ("Administrators") is rigorous with defined qualification user levels. Identity is confirmed by a Qualification Form which is a binding test user agreement coupled with a review of qualifications and certification.  

Data Security

All MHS data (including Administrators and test user information, test data, including responses to test items, and report text) are stored in an industry standard database. Access to these data is strictly controlled. A temporary password initially provided by MHS must be changed for first time log-ins to Scoring Organizer. MHS is able to reset a password at the request of the customer, if necessary.
Tests are also scored by a separate secure scoring server controlled by MHS with an advanced level of security protection. Once administered, test reports are returned to the Administrator by using an encryption technology described below.

Personal Data and E-commerce

MHS protects the personal data of MHS customers, the data of their clients, and the data collected via electronic commerce transactions with the highest levels of security. Through the e-commerce purchase process, we ask for the purchaser's name, address, license number, credit card information ("Financial Data"), and other personal data required to process requests to purchase and maintain customer accounts. MHS servers use 128/256-bit industry-standard Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption which is encryption technology that works with the most current web browsers. SSL encrypts the purchaser's personal information, including Financial Data and other personal data as well as test user information, including test data, responses, and reports returned to the Administrator, protecting against disclosure to third parties. To confirm validity of the MHS SSL certificate please click the DigiCert® seal below.