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MSCEIT Training Partners

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North America 
1) EI Skills Group
2) Charles Wolfe & Associates
3)  High Performing Systems
4) WRX Consulting
5) Emotional Intelligence Society

1) The Langley Group
1) Evidence Based Psychology

1) JvR


EI Skills Group

Name: David Caruso
Country: United States

David is a co-founder of the EI Skills Group and a co-author of the Mayer, Salovey, Caruso Emotional Intelligence Test (MSCEIT). David and colleague Peter Salovey published a practical “how-to” book, The Emotionally Intelligent Manager. His training and development ideas – Principles, Mood Meter, Blueprint and Intervening Moment – have been adapted for use in schools and appear in the Anchors of Emotional Intelligence for grades K – 12.

Although he has never had an academic faculty position, David has published a number of scientific articles on intelligence and emotional intelligence, and has spoken around the world on career development, leadership, and emotional intelligence. David is also the Special Assistant to the Dean of Yale College (a part-time organization development/HR position, please see important disclosures and titles below) and a Research Affiliate at the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence (an unpaid role).

His current work focuses on measuring emotional intelligence and the applications of emotional intelligence to the workplace. In addition, David and colleagues have developed a measure of EI for adolescents – the MSCEIT.

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Charles Wolfe & Associates

Name: Chuck Wolfe
Country: United States
Phone: 860-658-2737

Chuck is CEO of Charles J. Wolfe Associates, LLC a result-driven consulting firm dedicated to improving leadership and performance. He is a speaker, consultant and author, whose expertise includes executive coaching, leadership development, talent management, culture change and team building for fortune 500 companies, military and government organizations, universities and schools.

Chuck is internationally recognized as a leader and pioneer in emotional intelligence (EI). He is a member of the prestigious Consortium for Research on EI in Organizations. He is on the Advisory Board and Training Committee for the International Society of Emotional Intelligence.

In 1999 he formed a strategic alliance with the pioneers in EI, Peter Salovey, President of Yale University, and Professor Jack Mayer, University of New Hampshire. Chuck co-wrote and was lead trainer for the first certification program for the MSCEIT, their unique ability based assessment of emotional intelligence. Independently he created the Emotion Roadmap, a unique methodology which helps leaders at all levels manage change, strengthen teams, and improve organization and individual performance.

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High Performing Systems

Name: Dr. Henry L. Thompson
Country: United States
Phone: 706-769-5836

Dr. Henry L. (Dick) Thompson, Ph.D., M.S., M.A., is president and CEO of High Performing Systems Inc., an international management consulting and training firm he founded in 1984 to help leaders, teams, and organizations achieve high performance. He is an internationally recognized consultant, educator, speaker, and author.

Over the past 30 years, Dick has gained valuable experience developing and leading teams—from the battlefield to the boardroom. Dick specializes in the use of the EQ-i in conjunction with other psychological instruments to help individuals and organizations move into the high-performance zone. He has published numerous articles, training manuals, books, and software on these topics. Some of his books include The CommunicationWheel ®: A Resource Book, Jung's Function-Attitudes Explained, Introduction to FIRO Element B in Organizations, and Introduction to the Communication Wheel®.

Emotional intelligence and psychological type theory are integral parts of Dr. Thompson's work and ongoing research. The CommunicationWheel ® is just one of many useful tools he developed to facilitate the use of psychological type in organizations. He is a recipient of the Mary McCaulley Lifetime Achievement Award for work with the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator instrument.

Dick and his team of professional consultants provide dynamic cutting-edge training, consulting, and assessment on a range of practices including leadership, teambuilding, organizational development, and systems thinking. This work includes the integrated use of tools such as the EQ-i ®; EQ-360®; and others that incorporate a combination of distance learning, classroom learning, and on-the-job training.

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WRX Consulting

Name: Wendy Gaudet
Country: Canada
Province: British Columbia

Dr. Gaudet has been developing continuing professional curriculum for over 20 years. She has written professionally on the topic and participated with various academic counsels in an effort to make professional learning a more transformational experience. Her education includes an undergraduate and master’s degree in pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences and a doctorate in curriculum design and higher adult learning. Her doctoral research examined whether emotional intelligence as an ability could be improved with an educational intervention – which her research successfully demonstrated! In 2007, Dr. Gaudet received her emotional intelligence assessment certification and training from Dr. David Caruso from Yale University. She assesses and trains academics and professionals in the area of emotional competency using the EI SKILLS group Mayer-Salovey-Caruso ability model of emotional intelligence.

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Emotional Intelligence Society

Name: John Pelliteri
Country: United States
Province: Brooklyn, NY

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The Langley Group

Name: Sue Langley
Country: Australia
Address: 245 Carrington Road, Coogee NSW 2034

Sue Langley is a speaker, master trainer, global business consultant, researcher and leading advisor on the practical workplace applications of neuroscience, emotional intelligence and positive psychology. CEO and Founder of the Langley Group of companies, Sue has taught thousands of business leaders, HR professionals and consultants how to harness the brain’s potential, create positive workplaces and be more intelligent about emotions. A dynamic and inspiring speaker, Sue’s gift is synthesising science into simple, practical tools anyone can use. Her research at the sweet spot of creativity, positive emotions and brain training inspires people with new ways to get the best from people.

Sue works with top organisations such as Oracle, Schneider Electric and Perpetual, facilitating multi-year projects to build positive workplace cultures, emotionally intelligent leaders and high performing teams. She created and leads the world’s first and only government accredited Diploma of Positive Psychology and Wellbeing. Recognised for her knowledge and expertise in measuring and developing emotional intelligence and strengths, she certifies other experts as Master Trainer in the Mayer-Salovey-Caruso EI Test (MSCEIT), EQi-2, Genos EI and R2 Strengths Profiler.

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Evidence Based Psychology

Name: Susan David
Country: Australia

Susan David (BA, Hons, MA, MPsych, PhD), is an internationally recognized thought leader operating at the nexus of business and psychology. Her focus is on defining and executing effective people strategies, particularly in the areas of employee engagement, high-performance leadership, and organizational culture change. Susan is a founder and co-director of the Harvard-affiliated Institute of Coaching and the CEO of Evidence Based Psychology, a boutique management consultancy.

Susan is a sought-after keynote speaker, and a highly experienced coach and consultant to C-suite executives. Her unique combination of pragmatic business experience and extensive scientific knowledge allows her to help leaders meet the most pressing business challenges without losing sight of their most important asset: their people. Susan has been a coach and strategic advisor to executives at the helm of mergers, acquisitions, leadership transitions, and people strategy revisions. She routinely consults internationally at the most senior levels of large organizations and has extensive experience in industries as diverse as financial services, information technology, healthcare, utilities, pharmaceuticals, and mining.

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Name: Jopie de Beer
Country: West Africa
Phone: +27(0) 83 447 7319