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Clarke Sex History Questionnaire for Males–Revised

Ron Langevin, Ph.D.
Dan Paitich, Ph.D.


The Clarke Sex History Questionnaire for Males–Revised™ (SHQ–R™) is a comprehensive assessment of an individual's sexual history. It is specifically created to assess male offenders and help evaluate the offender's risk to others and his potential for rehabilitation by determining his specific sexual experiences.

How to Use the Assessment
The SHQ–R consists of 23 scales. The assessment is available through MHS Scoring Software, where you can instantly generate reports on your own.
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Scales & Forms

SHQ–R Item Booklet
The SHQ–R Item Booklet consists of a demographics section and sex history questionnaire. The questionnaire portion contains 508 questions in a multiple choice response format.

SHQ–R Response Form
The SHQ–R Response Form is a scannable form designed for the respondent to record their answers on.


  • Childhood and Adolescent Sexual Experiences and Sexual Abuse
  • Sexual Dysfunction
  • Female Adult Frequency
  • Female Pubescent Frequency
  • Female Child Frequency
  • Male Adult Frequency
  • Male Pubescent Frequency
  • Male Child Frequency
  •  Child Identification
  • Fantasy Activities with Females
  • Fantasy Activities with Males
  • Exposure to Pornography
  • Transvestism
  • Fetishism*
  • Feminine Gender Identity
  • Voyeurism
  • Exhibitionism Frequency
  • Exhibiting Behavior
  • Obscene Phone Calls
  • Toucheurism of Frotteurism
  • Sexual Aggression
  • Lie
  • Infrequency

*Fetishism is strictly a descriptive scale and does not yield percentiles.
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Ron Langevin, Ph.D. &
Dan Paitich, Ph.D.

Age Range 18 years and older

Administration Time 60 - 90 minutes

Administration Type Self-report

Qualification Level C