Matrix-Correctional Officer Risk Evaluation Inventory

Robert D. Davis, Ph.D., M.P
Cary D. Rostow, Ph.D., M.P.

About M-CORE

The Matrix-Corrections Officer Risk Evaluation (M-CORE™) Inventory is a pre-conditional screening instrument designed for correctional officer selection and hiring. This tool was developed based on the Matrix-Predictive Uniform Law Enforcement Selection Evaluation (M-PULSE™) Inventory, an effective instrument designed for law enforcement selection.
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Key Features

  • Value-added tool designed to reduce liabilitieS for correctional agencies
  • Produces results for 18 misconduct risk areas which predict future problem behavior
  • 456 statements; 50- to 90-minute administration time
  •  Web and paper-and-pencil administration
  • Simple web-based scoring, which produces reports in minutes
  • Psychometrically sound with excellent reliability and validity
  • Qualification Level – M
  • Age range: 17+

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P. Randall Kropp, Ph.D.,
Stephen D. Hart, Ph.D.,
Christopher D. Webster, Ph.D.,
& Derek Eaves, M.B.

Age Range Males 18 years and older


PCL–R 2nd Ed.