The EQ Leader Program
Train-the-Trainer DVD

Dana Ackley, Ph.D.

Technical Information

Many coaches and organizations who have purchased the EQ Leader Program have requested training in the program. The reasons are varied. While some people thrive on taking a manual, digesting it from cover to cover, and making it their own, others find it more satisfying to have a new program explained to them in a classroom setting, which provides some degree of structure and accountability, as well as opportunities to ask questions and try things out. In response to those who prefer this method of integrating new learning, Dr. Ackley has scheduled training opportunities at various times. What became clear was that it is very difficult to get busy professionals together in time and space. As a result, the most recent training was done via a four session webinar spread out over two months, and was attended by participants from six different countries.

Because most participants had at least one time problem (either very different time zones, or previous commitments for at least one session) the sessions were recorded so that participants who could not be present for the live sessions could access the recorded sessions at their convenience. This feature of the webinar was met with great enthusiasm. As a result, at the conclusion of the webinar, the four sessions were edited to remove extraneous material (instructions for accessing the webinar, polling, information shared by live participants, etc.) and recorded to DVD so that they would be available to future participants. Thus was born the EQ Leader Training DVD, which allows you to learn how to use the EQ Leader Program from Dr. Ackley at your convenience.

About the Author

Dana C. Ackley, Ph.D., received his doctorate in Clinical Psychology from the Florida State University in 1973. From the beginning, his goal was to help each client achieve new levels of success. He became interested in emotional intelligence as a respectful, effective way of helping his clients build key skills, overcoming internal and external barriers they had lived with for years.

Since 1994, Dr. Ackley has worked with organizations and their leaders to build effectiveness. In developing a program to use with client organizations, Dr. Ackley created The EQ Leader Program, a comprehensive approach to building leaders’ EQ skills. He has used the EQL Program successfully with leaders from major US corporations, small companies, healthcare systems, major agencies of the US Government, law enforcement, educational organizations, sales organizations, and individual professionals such as physicians and dentists.


Time Required
Approximately six hours in total, at the convenience of the viewer

Hardware Requirements
Computer with DVD player and speakers

Qualification for Base Program
Level B (North America only)

Training Program

Key Areas Addressed
Leadership development through emotional intelligence