The EQ Leader Program

Dana Ackley, Ph.D.

Technical Information

In any EQ development program, a scientific model for sustainable behavior change is essential, not only to achieve intended outcomes, but also to win continuing acceptance from organizations.

When EQ first became popular, EQ workshops abounded. Results, however, were meager. While workshops are a good place to start, expecting to learn emotional skills in a workshop is probably no more realistic than expecting to learn to play the piano with two days of practice. Research shows that people need systematic structure and guidance in order to make the kinds of lasting gains needed to justify the investments of time and expense which coaches and consultants request of their client organizations.

The EQ Leader Program is a systematic, turnkey EQ development program based on the science of behavior change. Psychologist Dana C. Ackley, Ph.D., used his extensive training, knowledge of psychological research, and over 30 years of experience working directly with people to grow skills and change behavior as the foundation for the program, which he uses with his own clients. The EQ Leader Program incorporates all 22 best practices identified by Cary Cherniss, Ph.D., and Daniel Goleman, Ph.D., in their extensive literature review for the Consortium for Research on Emotional Intelligence in Organizations (EI Consortium). In addition, because sound executive development requires sound assessment tools, The EQ Leader Program uses the EQ-i®, which is recognized as a scientific measure of Emotional Intelligence both by the Consortium and by the Buros Mental Measurements Yearbook. 


Train-the-Trainer DVD
This comprehensive web-to-DVD presentation guides trainers step-by-step through the EQ Leader Program. Learn how the EQ Leader Program can enhance your organization's training and coaching practices in this six-hour webinar.

About the Author

Dana C. Ackley, Ph.D., received his doctorate in Clinical Psychology from the Florida State University in 1973. From the beginning, his goal was to help each client achieve new levels of success. He became interested in emotional intelligence as a respectful, effective way of helping his clients build key skills, overcoming internal and external barriers they had lived with for years.

Since 1994, Dr. Ackley has worked with organizations and their leaders to build effectiveness. In developing a program to use with client organizations, Dr. Ackley created The EQ Leader Program, a comprehensive approach to building leaders’ EQ skills. He has used the EQL Program successfully with leaders from major US corporations, small companies, healthcare systems, major agencies of the US Government, law enforcement, educational organizations, sales organizations, and individual professionals such as physicians and dentists.

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Administration Consultant- and coach-led seminars, executive coaching

Administration Time Variable

Qualification Level B (North America Only)

Formats Leadership development, coaching program

Key Areas Addressed Leadership development through emotional intelligence