Test of Early Written Language-2nd Edition

Wayne P. Hresko
Shelley R. Herron
Pamela K. Peak

Technical Information

The TEWL-2 norms represent more than 1,400 children from 33 states. Characteristics of the normative group correspond to those for the 1990 U.S. Census data relative to gender, geographic region, ethnicity, race, and urban/ rural residence. Internal consistency reliability coefficients of all scores meet or exceed .90 for all ages and stability reliability of all scores approximates or exceeds .90. Construct-related validity is presented based on correlations with age, cognitive ability, achievement, group discrimination, and the correlation of individual test items with total test scores. Scores provided include subtest and global composites, NCEs, percentiles, and age equivalents.Back to the top


Wayne P. Hresko
Shelley R. Herron &
Pamela K. Peak

Age Range Research: 3-0 to 3-11
Assessment: 4-0 to 10-11

Administration Time 10 minutes

Administration Type Clinician Administered

Qualification Level B