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Mayer-Salovey-Caruso Emotional Intelligence Test:
YRV Researcher’s Guide

John D. Mayer, Ph.D.
Peter Salovey, Ph.D.
David R. Caruso, Ph.D.

Technical Information

The MSCEIT YRV normative sample includes 1000 youth between 10 to 18 years (500 males, 500 females). The data were collected from all four U.S. Census regions as well as Canada (3.5% of sample). The majority of the normative sample is White (58.5%) and the other races/ethnicities represented by the normative sample include Asian (13.9%), Black (7.9), Hispanic/Latino (9.4%), and Native/Multiracial/Other (10.3%). Information regarding parental education was also gathered, with 28.2% reporting a high school education or less, 26.3% college, and 45.6% reporting university or higher levels of education.


Scored Dataset
Results are presented in spreadsheet format, ready for analysis. The datafile includes raw item-level and scale scores, as well as standardized scores.

About the Authors

John D. (Jack) Mayer is a professor of Psychology at the University of New Hampshire. He has served on the editorial boards of Psychological Bulletin and the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, among others. Professor Mayer has published more than 123 articles, books, and psychological tests, including his 1990 articles with Peter Salovey on emotional intelligence that are often credited with beginning the systematic scientific research in the field. 

Peter Salovey, President at Yale University, is also the Chris Argyris Professor of Psychology, as well as a Professor of Management and of Epidemiology and Public Health. He is the scientific adviser of the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence, and previously served as Provost of Yale University, Dean of the Yale Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, and Dean of Yale College. Professor Salovey has published more than 350 articles and chapters, and he has authored, coauthored, or edited 13 books.

David R. Caruso is a management psychologist who develops and conducts emotional intelligence training around the world. He has coauthored dozens of scientific publications, and, with Peter Salovey, the practical, how-to book, The Emotionally Intelligent Manager. Dr. Caruso consults in the areas of leader development, career assessment, team effectiveness training, and executive coaching.


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Author John D. Mayer, Ph.D., Peter Salovey, Ph.D., & David R. Caruso, Ph.D.

Age Range 10 to 18 years

Administration Time 20–45 minutes

Administration Type Performance-Based

Qualification Level

Online (administration and scoring)
Paper Administration