Gale Roid, Ph.D.
Jackie L. Sampers, Ph.D.


The M-P-R consists of innovative toy-based activities that assess visual-motor, learning and problem solving using colorful, choke-free materials. A revision of the 1931 Merrill-Palmer Scales, the M-P-R has been completely updated, revised and expanded. It is a global assessment with separate scores for each IDEA Domain.

Features and Benefits
  • Assists in the early identification of developmental delays
  • Change-sensitive assessment of premature infants
  • Measurement of incremental improvement in development
  • Reliable and valid developmental assessment for children with limited expressive language ability
  • Assists with identifying eligibility under IDEA and to develop IFSPs and IEPs
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Scales & Forms

  • Cognitive Development
  • Motor Development 
  • Social-Emotion Behavior 
  • Self-Help/Adaptive Behavior 
  • Language/Communication Development
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Gale Roid, Ph.D. & Jackie L. Sampers, Ph.D.

Age Range 1 month to 6.5 years

Number of Items 466

Administration Time 45 minutes

Administration Type Individual Observation

Qualification Level B

Format Handscored