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Gray Oral Reading Tests-5

J. Lee Wiederholt, Ph.D.
Brian R. Bryant, Ph.D.

    Technical Information

    Normative Data
    The normative sample for the GORT-5 tests was a stratified sample that incorporated race, gender, ethnicity, and geographic region. The sample included more than 1,600 students between the ages of 6 and 18.

    Reliability and Validity
    The reliabilities of GORT-5 are high; all average internal consistency reliabilities are .90 or above. The test-retest study was conducted with all ages for which the test can be administered and illustrates the stability and reliability of the measure. The validity is extensive and includes studies that illustrate that GORT-5 can be used with confidence to measure change in oral reading over time.
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J. Lee Wiederholt, Ph.D. &
Brian R. Bryant, Ph.D.

Age Range 6 to 23 years

Administration Time 30 minutes

Administration Type Professionally-administered

Qualification Level B

Format Handscored