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Developmental Profile 3

Gerald D. Alpern, Ph.D.

Technical Information

The normative sample for the DP-3 included 2,216 children ages 0 to 12. The sample was drawn from major regions of the United States and is representative of children in regard to ethnicity, geography and socioeconomic status. Back to the top

About the Author

Gerald D. Alpern, Ph.D.

Gerald D. Alpern, Ph.D. is the founder of the Aspen Biofeedback Center. Dr. Alpern has been practicing as a licensed Psychologist in Aspen, Colorado, for the last twenty-one years. Prior to his practice Dr. Alpern was a Professor and the Director of Research for Child Psychiatry at Indiana University Medical School. Dr. Alpern has published and practiced extensively in Child and Adult Psychology during his career, and his interest in Biofeedback and Neurofeedback came from his most recent readings dealing with quantum physics and medicine. He comes to the EEG Biofeedback specialty rich with experience treating children, adolescents, and adults; both within clinical treatment and in research.
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Gerald D. Alpern, Ph.D.

Age Range 0 to 12 years

Administration Time 20 to 40 minutes 

Administration Type
  • Clinician-administered/interview
  • Parent/Caregiver-completed

Qualification Level B


  • Handscored
  • Software