Universal Nonverbal Intelligence Test™

Bruce A. Braken, Ph.D. 
R. Steve McCallum, Ph.D.

Technical Information

UNIT studies analyze technical properties for special populations. These analyses provide evidence that UNIT reliability, validity, and test properties are sound for the different types of children that this test is designed to evaluate. The UNIT was standardized through a stratified, random sampling plan that provided a sample that closely matches the U.S. population based on U.S. census data. Normative data were collected from a national sample of 2,100 children and adolescents from age 5–0 through 17–11. Data were collected in 108 sites across 38 states. The standardization and special studies total sample consisted of 3,865 children and adolescents. Back to the top


Bruce A. Braken, Ph.D. & R. Steve McCallum, Ph.D.

Age Range 5.0-7.11

Administration Time 10-15 minutes for the Abbreviated Battery; 30 minutes for the Standard Battery; and 45 minutes for the Extended Battery

Administration Type Clinician-administered

Qualification Level B

  • Handscored
  • Software