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Test of Memory Malingering

Tom N. Tombaugh, Ph.D.


The TOMM is a visual recognition test designed to help psychologists and psychiatrists distinguish between malingered and true memory impairments. Research has found the TOMM to be sensitive to malingering and insensitive to a wide variety of neurological impairments, which makes it very reliable. It is not as transparent as a malingering test.

How to Use the Assessment
The TOMM consists of two learning trials and an optional retention trial. Results are based on two cut off scores: 1) below chance and 2) criteria based on head injured and cognitively impaired clients. The TOMM can be administered by hand or via the computer. With the handscored format, results are recorded and scored on Record Forms. With the software format, TOMM Reports can be instantly generated.

TOMM Research Monograph: Summary Application in Clinical and Research Settings
The TOMM Research Monograph includes recent research on the sensitivity of the TOMM, including research that addresses the use of the TOMM with specific populations, such as children and elderly adults, and those with psychotic disorders, psychiatric illnesses, affective disorders, temporal lobe dysfunction, and chronic toxic encephalopathy.
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Scales & Forms

  • Malingering Memory Impairment
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Tom N. Tombaugh, Ph.D.

Age Range 16 to 84 years

Administration Time 15 to 20 minutes

Administration Type
  • Individual-completed
  • Clinician-administered

Qualification Level C



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