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Symptom Assessment-45 Questionnaire

Strategic Advantages, Inc.

Technical Information

The SA–45 is scored relative to a normative database of over 18,000 individuals. Data sets from the SCL- 90 of groups of adult and adolescent inpatients were rescored to arrive at raw scored for each of the 11 SA-45 scales and indices. These groups included; 5,317 adult females, 5,854 adult males, 2,889 adolescent females, and 2,331 adolescent males who were admitted to inpatient facilities for behavioral health treatment.  Appendices in the manual provide age-specific and gender-specific inpatient and nonpatient normative data.


Profile Reports

Profile Reports present scores graphically and numerically to summarize the results of each administration, and include a list of responses.

Comparative Reports

Comparative Reports compare a respondent’s results over repeated administrations. You can compare up to four administrations for the same respondent to track progress. They are free with the purchase of Profile Reports.


For more information on the SA–45 click here.


Age Range 13 and older

Administration Self-report

Administration Time 10 minutes

Qualification Level B