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Marital Satisfaction Inventory, Revised

Douglas K. Snyder, Ph.D.


The MSI-R assesses the nature and extent of conflict within a marriage or relationship. It helps couples express feelings that are difficult to communicate using a self-report form consisting of 150 True-False items. Items are relatable to both traditional and nontraditional partners, as they utilize the words “partner” and “relationship” rather than “spouse” and “marriage.”
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Scales & Forms

  • Affective Communication 
  • Role Orientation
  • Problem Solving Communication
  • Aggression 
  • Family History of Distress 
  • Time Together
  • Dissatisfaction With Children
  • Disagreement About Finances
  • Conflict Over Child Rearing
  • Sexual Dissatisfaction 
  • Global Distress

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William C.
Culbertson, Ph.D. &
Eric A. Zillmer, Psy.D.

Age Range 18 and older

Number of Items 150

Administration Time 10–15 minutes

Administration Type Self-Report

Qualification Level B

  • Handscored
  • Software (scoring only)