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Conners K–CPT 2™
Conners Kiddie Continuous Performance Test 2nd Edition™

C. Keith Conners, Ph.D.

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The Conners Kiddie Continuous Performance Test 2nd Edition™ (Conners K–CPT 2™) assesses attention deficits in children ages 4 to 7 years old. Based on the well-established Conners CPT paradigm, the Conners K–CPT 2™ takes half the time to complete, making it more appropriate for younger children. The 7.5 minute performance-based assessment uses pictures of objects (e.g. boat, soccer ball, train) that are familiar to young children. The child is asked to respond to targets (all objects except soccer ball) and refrain from responding to non-targets (soccer ball) that appear on the computer screen.

This update retains the essential features of the original Conners’ Kiddie Continuous Performance Test (Conners’ K-CPT; Conners, 2001) and introduces several important refinements.

  • New normative data were collected to standardize the Conners K-CPT 2 scores.
  • New scores and scoring algorithms were developed to help assessors pinpoint the exact nature of the child’s attention problems.
  • Computer-generated reports have been redesigned for easy interpretation.

The Purpose of the Conners K-CPT 2

With the choice of a pay-per-use or unlimited software program, the Conners K– CPT 2 is a time- and cost-effective screening device and adjunct to the process of assessing attention problems. Results from the 7.5-minute measure can be used for clinical assessment, early identification, and educational classification. The assessment can be administered before treatment and at intervals to monitor progress.

How the Conners K-CPT 2 Works

The Conners K-CPT 2 uses two Inter-Stimulus Intervals (ISIs) of 1.5 or 3 seconds to prevent the practice effects that can occur as respondents learn to predict and prepare for stimuli. Each Conners K-CPT 2 administration includes 5 blocks, each containing a 20-trial sub-block of 1.5-second ISIs and a 20-trial sub-block of 3-second ISIs (200-trial total).

Activation of the Conners K-CPT 2

The number of computers that can use the Conners K-CPT 2 is limited to the number of activations purchased. After activation, the number of users that can access the program is dependent on which of the following two editions is purchased.

Single User Edition: When the Conners K-CPT 2 is activated on a computer, the use of the Conners K-CPT 2 is limited to the user who was logged-in to the computer during activation.

Measures of Attention Measured

The Conners K-CPT 2 uses both raw and standardized scores to determine not only the child’s performance overall, but also in four different aspects of attention:

  • Inattentiveness
  • Impulsivity
  • Sustained Attention
  • Vigilance


C. Keith Conners, Ph.D. 

Age Range 4–7

Administration Time 7.5 minutes 

Administration Type Individual-completed

Qualification Level B

Format Software

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