Canadian Work Preference Inventory

Human Resources Development Canada

    Technical Information

    As a measure of internal consistency reliablitiy, alpha coeffecients were calculated for each of the five subscales (Cronbach, 1951). The sample was the same sample as 550 individuals included in the interscale correlation analysis. The test-retest reliablity correlations are within the acceptable range for a short interst inventory. However, it should be noted that correalations for people 15–19 and for highschool students are slightly lower than for other groups.
    In 1986 a concurrent validity study was carried out to assess the relationship between results on the CSPI and results on an other career interest inventory. The mixed sample was approximatley 560 Canadians. Back to the top


Human Resources Development Canada

Age Range 18 and older

Administration Time15–20 minutes

Administration Type Self-report

Qualification Level B

  • Handscored