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Cognitive Assessment System–Second Edition

Jack A. Naglieri, J. P. Das, and Sam Goldstein

    Normative Data

    The CAS2 was standardized using a group of 1,342 children and adolescents that closely represent the population of the U.S. The 12 subtest Core Battery Full Scale reliability is .95 with the PASS Scale reliabilities ranging from .86 to .93. Validity with special populations, including persons with speech or language impairment, learning disability, gifted and talented, or attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder, anxiety disorder, or Asperger’s syndrome, are reported. Special attention was paid to making the CAS2 fair for minority groups.


    Jack A. Naglieri, J. P. Das, and Sam Goldstein

    Age Range 5 to 18 years

    Administration Time 40 to 60 minutes

    Administration Type Individually-administered

    Qualification Level C



    CAS2: Rating Scale