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Childhood Autism Rating Scale, Second Edition 

Eric Schopler, Ph.D.
Mary E. Van Bourgondien, Ph.D.
Glenna Janette Wellman, Ph.D.
& Steven R. Love, Ph.D.

Technical Information

Developed over a 15-year period with more than 1,500 cases, the CARS includes items drawn from five prominent systems for diagnosing Autism, and provides quantifiable ratings based on direct behavior observation. Each item covers a particular characteristic, ability of behavior. Back to the top

About the Author

Eric Shopler, Ph.D.
He earned a Ph.D. in clinical child psychology at the University of Chicago and joined the faculty of the Psychiatry department at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. In collaboration with Dr. Robert Reicher, he applied his earlier research on receptor processes to the treatment of Autism. Funding was provided by the National Institute of Mental Health and trials were conducted with Autistic children and their parents. The outcome of these trials was the creation of the TEACCH program (Treatment and Education of Autistic and Related Communication Handicapped Children).

In 1993 Schopler received the North Carolina Award for public service and in in 1994 Schopler's psychiatric colleagues officially recognized the TEACCH program, when it was included in the Manual of Mental Disorders (Treatment Volume 4th Edition).

Nine TEACCH state funded clinics still operate in North Carolina, and have influenced the treatment of Autism worldwide. Back to the top


Eric Schopler, Ph.D.,
Mary E. Van Bourgondien, Ph.D.,
Glenna Janette Wellman, Ph.D.,
& Steven R. Love, Ph.D.

Age Range 2 and older

Administration Time 5–10 minutes

Administration Type Clinician-administered

Qualification Level B

  • Handscored