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Benchmark of Organizational Emotional Intelligence

Steven J. Stein, Ph.D.
MHS Staff


Research has shown that emotionally intelligent organizations are more productive and successful. In addition to all the benefits provided by traditional organizational effectiveness surveys, the BOEI measures the level of organizational Emotional Intelligence as a whole and across departments, teams, or divisions.

How to Use the Assessment
The BOEI is an online assessment that is administered to an entire organization. With the standard online format, respondents
complete the BOEI online through our secure assessment website. When the assessments have been completed, you log onto MHS Scoring Organizer™ to generate an organizational report summarizing your results. Once this report has been generated, you can begin examining specific departments or teams using group reports.

For online administrations, you can add up to ten multiplechoice items and two items with open-ended response fields. These items allow respondents to provide a sentence or two about issues specific to the organization.
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Scales and Forms
  • Job Happiness 
  • Compensation
  • Work/Life Stress Management
  • Organizational Cohesiveness
  • Supervisory Leadership
  • Diversity and Anger Management
  • Organizational Responsiveness
  • Positive and Negative Impression (validity)


Steven J. Stein, Ph.D. & MHS Staff

Age Range 18 years and older

Administration Time 30 minutes

Administration Type Self-report

Qualification Level B


  • Online (administration and scoring)