Emotional Intelligence Higher Education

Who To Contact

MHS Emotional Intelligence Assessment Team
The MHS Emotional Intelligence Assessment team is there to answer any of your questions about our Emotional Intelligence assessments, from inquiries about norming and validity, to customized projects requiring large-scale implementation.

EI in Research
Inquiries about developing new tools or using our existing assessments in research studies should be addressed to Katie Ramoutar.
katie.ramoutar@mhs.com : (416) 492-2627, ext.228.

EI Assessment Training and Certification
Since our assessments require certification, we offer a number of options for certification and training in the various tools. Inquiries about certification and training should be addressed to Ravi Thavanayagapath.
ravi.thavanayagapath@MHS.com : (416) 492.2627, ext. 291.

Europe & South Africa
Inquiries from Europe and South Africa should be addressed to Helen Jarvis at
: 44-207034-7870.

Inquiries that are international should be addressed to Angelica Tellez.
angelica.tellez@MHS.com : (416) 492.2627, ext. 286.

If you’re simply looking to purchase one of our assessments or tools, please contact our client services department directly:

US : customerservice@mhs.com : 1-800-456-3003
CDN : customerservice@mhs.com : 1-800-268-6011
UK & Europe : customerservice-uk@mhs.com : 44-207034-7870
International : customerservice@mhs.com : +1-416-492-2627

EQ-i: Higher Education  The new EQ-i ® Higher Education Report (EQ-i HEd) is the product of many years spent working with campuses to fine tune the EQ-i reporting options to meet the specific needs of Higher Education staff and faculty.
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EI in Higher Education BrochureDownload our brochure, which explains how students benefit from developing their Emotional Intelligence
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